Enterprise world and Cisco’s strategy to revolutanize Internet

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March 09, 2010 : Cisco made headlines by announcing a next generation router to revolutionize the internet to increase the bandwidth to lightening speed. Below is a statement from Cisco, which sent shocking waves in the Internet world.
  • It enables the entire printed collection of the Library of Congress to be downloaded in just over one second
  • Every man, woman and child in China to make a video call, simultaneously.
  • Every motion picture ever created to be streamed in less than four minutes.
These were the statement from Cisco that made jaws fell drop. It has all the potential for new Internet bandwidth demand. The new demand is primarily coming from video streaming. What could be the implication for the Enterprise world? Few activities/ changes happening in the Enterprise world would benefit from this technology.
Business Intelligence:   
  • Business warehouses are going enterprise and central Data warehouse are emerging. One of the challenges in centralizing this that transactional databases are distributed across the world. Pulling data into one central place gets a hit by latency.
  • This centralization of data has also increased the amount of data stored in the systems. With the increasing needs to analyse the large amount of data, this may also be required at user screen.
  • If all the transaction databases and data warehouses are kept centrally, Still user presence is across the globe.
Real Real-time computing:
As the demand to process, analyse and access the data flexibly is increasing, next level of real time computing is emerging in Enterprise world. SAP tagged it as “Real Real-Time Computing“. The processing power can be increased by keeping the data in-memory and avoiding the disk read delays. But still the end user needs to access the data remotely. Latency at that level may bring the “oomph” factor of this new technology down.
There already exists some methods and some new methods are coming to avoid the last mile latency. e.g. SAP’s solution to this is Accelerated Application Delivery
Cloud Computing:
Cloud computing is surely a next wave in the Information technology. It is expected to change the way all tiers have been deployed and delivered till today starting from Network, computing power to Applications. Be it private or public clouds, it needs a huge networking power to deliver the needs of future applications running over internet.
Collaborative Business:
Collaboration is another hot topic in the enterprise world. It is being discussed from the stage of planning the business processes to development and even till the doing business together. The face of business may change from today’s more or less static interaction to more dynamic, social networks. They may help increase the bond between various parties. There are various views on this. Recently Vijay Vijayasankar published a blog “I didn’t start the fire, it was always burning! ” on the same.
If the enterprise business takes this road then it will definitely put way more demand on internet bandwidth than what it does today.
Business Continuity:
Business Continuity can be interpreted at various levels. Here the scope is only at the application/hardware failure or even disaster recovery. There are various ways to copy the data between different locations. There are some companies, which even send backup tapes daily from primary location to disaster recovery site. One of the reasons for this is the network delay.
One of the emerging scenarios in Enterprise world is still limited by the bandwidth capacity, i.e. Mobile computing especially on the mobile networks.
I could think of the above scenarios at first go. There may be other scenarios as well, which may benefit from the new advancements.
The main question from the end user perspective is when this new technology would be available to them?
Arundeep Singh