What does software industry needs today?

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Today, every one in the industry keep on talking about performance, skills, capabilities and so on. To enable that other concepts are created like certifications, trainings, documents etc. These are now the measure of your performance!! And on top of it everything is expected from each individual. Apart from these you have other indirect measures e.g. How good can you play with your interpersonal relations etc. I am sure that you understood what I am trying to say. Despite all that the quality of work is still bad. It is in such a shape that most of the time only gets wasted into covering up and building up facades for the mess in the backyard!! What is missing? What is required? Where is the gap?

My friends at times called me idealistic. I do not what exactly that means and if it is good or bad. Having said that, I believe that what we miss are good, self motivated people. People who are motivated to perform. They may be best only in their area, We need to find out what are they good at and utilise them accordingly rather than forcing people to do something which they do not enjoy.

This video clip may probably make it clear what I am trying to say.

I am sure the person who has not watch this video before cannot make out during the dance that one person out of the two cannot hear anything at all!!!!! How many people in our industry have that level of motivation and dedication to perform. This guy just stands their with a blank face when everyone is praising him. This guy Vishal has a passion for his dance. He does not have any goal to reach, a role to get, a promotion to achieve. He just dance and everything simply follows. Whereas in our industry everything is happening other way around. Hardly, anyone is interested in actual work. Each has their own vested interests and they are using work to achieve those.
Comparing Vishal with our “experts”, I am sure they “experts” are not even able to walk in parallel to Vishal’s dancing. And by my idealistic view we need people like Vishal to make it healthy environment and a lovely place to work.
If you liked this one or you have doubt you can watch other videos here and here . There are others as well. You can always search youtube for that.
I hope that if you did not like the idea of this blog then at least you liked that performance of Vishal.