How efficient are you?

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Have you observed how people behave when they get into a lift? Lift generally has a delay of about 4 seconds before it close its gate automatically. If you observed almost everybody feel that delay of 4 seconds is the best time to show your efficiency. As soon as a person enters a lift, he will press the close button. There are people who will keep on pressing it again and again till the time it actually gets closed!!! They cannot even wait for that half a second delay.
There are other people who want to save time by pressing “Windows +L” on their keyboard rather than “Ctrl+Alt+Del” followed by “Return key”. How much time do we save their? Half a second or may a one full second!!! On the contrary people will actually use their time to either reading a news or using the more popular office messengers to talk to colleagues. What is that only when locking the system mind thinks about efficiency?

Now third one are my favourite. You may find reference to these in my previous blogs as well. These people try to gain efficiency at a traffic signal by being as close to light as possible. Even when the light is “red”, they somehow keep moving slowly and steadily towards the signal. How they make it possible is a mystery to me. And what are they trying to gain?? Do they really think that they will reach faster if they do that? After all the road gets so packed it takes much more time to clear the crossing. Is moving close to each other is the only efficiency factor in driving?

I have no clue what people try to achieve with these acts. While on the other hand no one minds wasting time on many other things. Just think about what makes more sense for being efficient and act accordingly.

If you know of other common such acts which sounds like crazy ideas of efficiency please do leave a comment.