Happy Independence day

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A very Happy Independence day to all the Indians; in India or outside India. But the question is does one really feel Independent? Especially on this day people do not feel like going out. They prefer to stay at home that would be only place left “independent” of control. Otherwise the whole country would be sealed as if a jail. Some more details here.

It’s interesting to consider that to celebrate independence we have to call for the best and most strict security measures. Rather than carry a joy and celebration on their faces, people roam around with an unknown fear on their faces. People call relatives and friends to advise them not to go to a particular place, theatres, market, railway station etc. No one would like to keep their planned event on Independence day, not to celebrate this day but to avoid any trouble in their planned events.

The people who has to travel to India would prefer to come after this day. No one prefers to enter the nation on August 15 or 2 days before it. As it is well known that there are high chance of facing trouble at the airports. Travel would be delayed just to avoid any inconvenience and frustration at the airports. One newspaper reports like this.

Yes, another view is that it is all for security and safety of the nation. But from what? Even on a daily life how independent we are? Politicians, religious leaders and groups, police, seniors, teachers, parents, society rules, managers all trying to control one or the other way.

And what is the definition of the Independence? Is it about raising the flag in a military surrounded environment or is it to smile and laugh without any fear?

I believe in the later definition. If you too then please continue laughing.

Arundeep Singh