Bus ki bhi kaisi swari hai….

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Few days ago, as a normal routine, I was going to office. I walk down to office. It is only about 10 minutes of walk normally. It is just that I take about 20 minutes on my leisure pace of walk. I love that slow walk to office in the morning. So many things are happening around you. I observe all the people around me rushing, in their own world, lost in their thoughts, not aware of what is happening around them, not aware that sun is smiling is beautifully today, that there are few birds chirping today. Every morning a big truck unload itself in the Migros Store ( A big retail store). There would be few plugged into their i-pods, few others frequently checking at the time for the train, few girls would be jogging to keep their body toned up. There is veterinary doctor on the way. This clinic also starts getting customers. Their would be few dogs and cats outside the clinic, reluctant to go in.

One of these normal day a group of about 4 people walking casually on the road. Suddenly one of them started running. As a reaction 2nd person also started running. Other two initially reluctant, but then also paced up. But why? What happened so suddenly? If you have used a public transport to reach office then you would know the answer for sure. Yes, the bus was approaching its stop!!! With this an old story struck my mind. And looking at that it still seems true.

When I was in a school, there used to be a story in Hindi. I do not remember which standard or what was the name of the story, all thanks to my beautiful memory :). But the important sentence in that story was, ” bus ki bhi swari hai, bade bade baabu log peeche bhaagte hai”. This would mean, ” What a transport medium bus is, even the officers runs for it to catch a seat”. This story when I read was about 15-20 years ago. I vaguely remember that this story was another 20-30 years old then. In away reference to today, it is a story about 40 years old. The economy has changed, world has changed at such fast pace, life has taken a complete turn with invent of many new things. But still after all those years and development, this statement still holds good. Amazing!!!

I do not know why people rush so much. I do not remember when I did that last time. The next bus will come or one should leave home early. May be it is something really important and common and its just that I am not capable to understand it. Or it has other reasons, like space limitations. These is an interesting mathematical equation also on chasing bus (Need to catch a bus?). It may be helpful to some.

Well, whether you chase the bus or not. But if you get time someday, do try to watch this whole scene as an outsider. I am sure you would love it.

Keep laughing.

Arundeep Singh