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Well Spirituality and Religion is very old well debated topics. There is “n” number of religions, secs or spiritual communes. Everyone his own methods, paths, commandments. Some may be common some different. Shamans to Judaism to Hinduism to Mohammedans to Buddhism to Christianity to Sikhism to new age secs/leaders e.g. Zen, Osho. many leaders would have put others wrong in one or the otherway. Who is right or wrong? I do not know. May be no one is wrong or no one is right. Its is just a temporary passage and will pass with its own time.

For me, I stop believing in “religion” when I was in school. It was quite odd though. That moment when I felt that all this drama around is nothing but joke and ways to fool people, I was listening to some famous religious discourse.

I don’t know much about “religion” or “gurus”, but I do love one guy. He is Osho. There may be many reasons for that. One is that many of his thoughts are similar to me, 2nd he is probably the most courageous or rebellious and resourceful “Guru” known to me. But probably the main reason why I love him is that he is great story teller.

Osho kept on saying he is against “Religion” and is giving independence from the so called relgious conditioning (If I can put it that way). He said all those people, Buddha, Jesus, Guru Nanak etc. have failed as they could not stop the creation of “Religion”. So, Osho tried to create Spiritual/Meditative Individual. He felt something great and wanted to pass it to the whole world in a different way than others. But was he able to realize his idea? No, he also ended in creating other “religion”. Today there are divisions between Osho followers. They also fight among themselves like others. So, does it mean that Osho was not “enlightened” enough to realize this? I do not know, but for sure it ended in the same way as others.

Well, now why am I writing all this? I started as I was just watching a movie ” Hanuman Returns” (May be 3rd or 4th time ). Too good movie. A must watch for everyone. You can watch it online here and similar links or help the Industry and purchase the DVD. It gives a completly new dimesion or perspective to religion. the characters lay so light and still keeps on passing good messages. I just love this. I have alwasy believed (like Osho or may be many others) that religion is too serious business. Why one cannot live a simple “lightweight” life?? is it really that hard??

Well at time I feel that for some reason, people actually don’t want to live a simple life. People feel some kind of comfort in pain, in misery, in suffering. As then they try to find shelter in something unknown “Religion” , “GOD”. Then it would be unknown taking the responsibility and not they themselves. But how to explain all this “unknown” person. It got to be complicated for a common person to believe it. And with generations it has become a fact that no ne can think to raise a voice against it. Even if one does, then he would be declared fool, a mad!!!

Ah, see even I made this all so complicated. Just relax, and watch is great movie and some smile and full heart laugh 😀 .

Enjoy and keep laughing

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  1. karanpreet

    hi arun. as u already mentioned in your one article the viewpoints..everyone has their own we cant say them right or wrong but i believe (again my viewpoint) there is some source who is behind this big scene of whole universe..some people called it science, GOD, ow whatever u want to call it.i too believe in lightweighted life. There is no need to do extraordinary or bulky performances to please your can please Him or yourself or others by doing simple acts like help others, dnt blame others, love everyone etc etc etc….

    now osho: from quite sometime (from 9 years) i am studying Guru Granth Sahib very sincerely, i mean as a study not like a religious belief or anything like that, it is a very beautiful book. i didnt find anything wrong in this book till now…all writings just suggested simple living and good morals..that we practice just like a good human being without any religious compulsion..even osho took some examples from this book (i didnt heard/read him much..but whatever i heard through cds etc he used from this book “tarna and tirna example from guru granth sahib”) sorry to hurt u..but again its my viewpoint we need some fuel for our good deeds and that fuel come from our religion (if we take it like simple thing)………]

    again everyone is not strong like u in their minds…they need a hand that hold them..they really wants that God’s shelter as there are many people who never get any hand in their hard times (even from their parents, partners, friends etc)………so its good to be live by holding that unknown God’s hand (save them from dying, committing suicides, getting mentally sick…depressive)…they really smile coz of there “unknown GOD”….

    indirectly they r supporting ur idea of “keep smiling” and live happily.

    but this is really a good writing for those who really became rigid due to their religions and forget that they are human beings first. Religion is very deep and broad concept. to understand religious concept a person should be a human first.

    Good attempt. Five star rating for u 😉

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