Journey in the dreamworld

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That was a beautiful place, a place full of comfort; warm and cozy, not too cold, not too hot; not too much wind,  not too less. Walking was comfortable, I found my self walking on a real soft bed. A foot-bed made of something that I feel it with every single step. Every step made me feel cherish it. Every step gave me a comfort that I am supported and need not fear anything. Every step encouraged me to take the next one with more confidence. The confidence, which could make one walk on a tiny rope tied across mountains. The confidence that can make one jump and cross the ocean. With that confidence I kept on walking.

After sometime, I found myself at a strange place. How I reached there I had no clue. The walk was so enjoyable, that I did not realize when I reached and what time it was. This was a big, warm place with very dim light that it takes some time for eyes to adjust. I could not make the shape of the place, if it was a rectangle, square, pyramid, hexagon or what kind of shape. But, it surely had walls reaching higher and higher. Slowly I started to walk and reached to touch a wall. To my surprise, I found the walls not to be hard cement, but made of some soft material. It was like these walls have life. I was in wonder and at the same time excited to explore the place.

I started to take walk in the “room”. Sometimes I was just alone and sometime I was against walls. I was still not able to make out any shape. But with time I was less concerned about it. I started to enjoy the air, the breath, the warmth, the walk. Most of all the feeling of being alone, of being with myself without worries of “others”. Air was fresh. It had such a beautiful fragrance, which was hard to describe. An uplifting force that made me feel that I am floating in air. Slowly I began to notice place is changing itself, transforming itself like a living organism. I felt excitement and anxiety at the same time.

It was hard to say which feeling was taking control. The feeling when one gambles, when one jump from the mountain, when one drives at full speed or take that sharp turn in mountains on a blind U-turn. It is a mixture, mixture of fear, excitement, courage, flow of adrenaline and feeling of living and dying at the same time. In that mixture of feelings, I let myself flow and start to move. I saw that walls are changing their shapes. They came close to me, engulfed me in themselves. I was still moving and walking but now more like in an ocean. An ocean, but not of water. I felt sweat on my skin. It was natural to expect sweat after walking and almost running now. But, I felt a different fragrance in my sweat. When I looked closely, I realized that I failed to notice that walls are sweating too. This fragrance was mix of sweat from me and walls. This mixture with very intoxicating fragrance, soon filled the whole space.

It was all moving like a snow-ball. I walked, I sweat. Walls moved and sweat to mix with my sweat. With all the movement, fragrances and changes it created situation to move again, move faster, take bigger steps. Soon, I realized that sweat is too much to stand and walk now; as it is a pool of sweat now. I need to go higher to avoid myself drowning in this fragrance. I started to run on the walls to go higher. Clutching here and there, moving higher. With every move, walls are getting slippery too. I take two steps up and slip one down. I am running and panting now. Trying to catch my breath and move up and higher. I see my legs are getting into water slowly. It is hard to move now. I need to keep on going, look up , look up, keep moving. It is like a rhythm in my brain. Walk, jump, breath, sweat, slip, get up, walk again. Walls and I are sweating now crazily. We are almost like small water jets. I am almost down to my chest now. I keep walking,  keep climbing, keep panting. I slowly start to see a golden light at the top. It gives me some encouragement to keep moving while water raise to my neck. With heavy steps, heavy sweat, fully soaked, I found my hands touching top of the walls. I pull myself up. My head is raising high on the walls and I see golden light flash through my face. The luminance so strong but yet so smooth. I opened my eyes fully to let it flow inside me. I am full of light, life and bliss. I see a wave coming from top of the wall. I try to climb up the wall.It is too late now. I pulled all my strength to jump through. No, it is still too late. Wave finally hits me. I tried to hold on to the wall. But, walls also gave way to the waves. I am pushed away, pushed down. I am drowning slowly to the bottom. The bottom, that I do not see the end. I close my eyes, thinking if there is any end.

I opened my eyes after sometime that felt like eternity. I observed, as I move down, I am carrying the golden light with me. The light is illuminating through me and it spreads throughout. Light shines and sparkles through magical fluid and reflects back from the wall. I start to slow down in my descend. With that slowness I start to relax, to calm. I feel every muscle in me is at peace. I see light all around me, a feeling full of happiness. All those feelings brings smile on my face that I never felt before. With that smile and feelings I close my eyes as I touch the bottom and go to sleep.


A boy was feeling very nervous about his first date, and so went to his father for advice. 
“My son, there are three subjects that always work with women: food, family, and philosophy.”
The boy picks up his date and they stare at each other for a long time. The boy’s nervousness builds, but he then remembers his father’s advice and asks the girl,
“Do you like potato pancakes?”
“No,” comes the answer, and the silence returns like a suffocating blanket.
“Do you have a brother?”
After giving it some thought, the boy plays his last card: “If you had a brother, would he like potato pancakes?”