Don’t judge the book by its cover

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How many times do we come across a situation, when we first think -ve about an idea or person or place etc?? Well, I do come across such situations a lot, although I generally viewpoints . Try to accept everything as it comes.

Last Friday, similar thing happened again. I was reading a book. It felt like a boring read, still I kept on reading till 100+ pages. One reason for this dedication could be that I have already read this author earlier. All I remember today that it was a good read, that’s all!!!. It was like writer has given is daily routines of few days and there it is BOOM!!! a book that cost me around Rs 300!!!!

Keeping my patience, I kept on reading. And it did pays off. It was indeed a good book. Generally, I keep on observing things around me. But one thing I found difficult is, how to put those observations in a form to convey it to others. I read this writer doing this in a wonderful way.

Understanding of the available options, keenness to improve and respect for others, beautifully explained. “Performance” is the 2nd title from “Atul Gwande”, which he did it again. I am sure he is as good with scalpel as with the pen 🙂